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On 2017/09/28 02:19:36 PM - David wrote:


Its all da Oooom's fault.. Lulu has been keeping his fingers nice and warm. He no longer has time to play with the key board

On 2017/09/25 09:40:32 PM - Webmaster Andre wrote:


Yes, as with everything in life we've moved on with the times and technology and most of our intelligent conversations are now in a Whatsapp group chat...

On 2017/09/21 10:59:48 AM - Christo wrote:


I observe no activity (last 3 months) on once favourite model aviational blog for intelligent conversations

On 2017/06/23 08:33:18 AM - Da Oooooooom wrote:


BREAKING NEWS! In a rare move that almost caught me by surprise, it was discovered that the stealthy Ch_Airman will be present and accounted for this Saturday at said venue of bliss to test his grumpy DLE with newly (slightly used) fitted experimental carb. It is my sincere hope that said newsed carb would result in a drastic decline of strenuous, moral decaying prop flicks by said Memba of said fine establishment of Aviation. Said rare event would be celebrated by the usual Quarry Worsbraai before commencing to the Flight line to be entertained by a long overdue dashing display of aerial ballet by the skilled hand of Supa Dave.

On 2017/05/27 10:43:45 AM - Webmaster Andre wrote:


So is that new carb in your DLE motor DLE'ing yet???

On 2017/05/25 08:52:12 AM - David wrote:


Thanks to Da Ooooooom who recommend I purchase a new Carb from Micton Hobbies. After lots of deliberation I send them an email late yesterday afternoon and Mike called me shortly thereafter to confirm what I required. Believe it or not I received my carb and parts this morning at 08h00. That's amazing service...Mike took care of all my queries in a jiffy. Well done Micton Hobbies

On 2017/05/11 08:08:35 AM - Da Oooooooom wrote:


Quarry tower.... MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Kwarrie Tower... do you read? Biiiig storm incoming... please advise.... MAYDAY! Report rate of grass growth and length! Diverting to the Manour...... I repe..t div.rt..ng to Cato Man..or........

On 2017/04/18 11:04:57 AM - Da Oooooom wrote:


I am absconding from said "have your say" in retalliation to my Ch_Airman's absconding from Quarry. I am on strike until said leader returns to said place of bliss...

On 2017/04/11 07:06:32 AM - David wrote:


Control Tower to Da Oooooom .. whats happened you have not commented for a month..

On 2017/03/13 05:31:12 AM - Da Oooooooom wrote:


...and so it has come to pass that we enjoyed yet another great braai 'n flaai at venue of bliss on day of bliss...

On 2017/03/09 06:13:43 AM - Da Oooooooom wrote:


By the most sacred glowplug of Akbar! Da Ch_Airman has returned from said Stealth deep cover mission and will engage in Activities of bliss on this coming Saturday of blissfull conditions and venue of bliss! I will join said honourable memba in said activities of bliss.

On 2017/03/08 07:13:37 AM - David wrote:


Saturday is my FLY DAY ..

On 2017/02/27 11:54:11 AM - Webmaster Andre wrote:


When is it pay day???

On 2017/02/27 06:41:00 AM - Da Oooooooom wrote:



On 2017/02/17 05:41:38 AM - Da Oooooooom wrote:


Prepare to Engage!

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